K-Soft Cut 6.1"

Product Description

Slice Cut Precision Shear

The KARG Shear K-SoftCut 6.1” is a hybrid blade scissor design.

Effortless, ultra soft cutting, natural results, wet to dry cuts (not recommended to shear over comb).

The all new ZERO Gravity Tension Systemwill boost and balance the blades for a true weightless cutting game. Super stylish brushed, mat finish on the handle.

• New Hybrid Blade Technology
• Wet to Dry Cuts
• Ultra soft cutting
• Handcrafted, Japanese Proprietary Molybdenum Alloy, Cryogenic Tempering
• Zero Gravity Tension System for perfect tension and balance
• Polymer glide at pivot area to eliminate metal to metal wear
• Crane Offset Handle
• Lifetime warranty, black KARG zipper case

OCTOBER SPECIAL (10.01. - 10.31.23)


$336.00 $449.00