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RENT - A - KARG     Have Mike Karg immerse you into the world of DryHairCutting!

KARG teaches his groundbreaking techniques to help stylists raise to the next level of hair cutting artistry. Step by step he demonstrates his outstanding methods using his professional cutting, texturizing, blender and sliding shears. Mike Karg will educate, energize and inspire your staff. Instant gratification and satisfaction guaranteed! Elevate your craft, get empowered, have your own success story from beginners to master stylists. Latest looks, easy steps, cool looking hair and salon adaptable techniques that will work for anyone that loves to cut hair, period. “Its about shape, proportion, weight distribution, balance that will lead to confidence". Let KARG share his knowledge with you like he does around the globe at all major trade shows, other educational hair events and YouTube.

Mike KARG has created a company specialized in cutting hair dry. With state of the art technology all hand made japanese steel KARG shears have a special blade finish to master DryHairCutting with ease. A whole new take on dry hair cutting.He uses the unique KARG Trademark to break new barriers in designing attractive, modern hair structures. KARG's commitment to excellence has helped him achieve his signature flowy, natural Lifestyle look.

RENT - A - KARG Hair Education System travels to you!
No need to board a plane, simply stay at your salon. This is the most powerful and economical education there is. Boost morale in the salon, create a buzz or offer star styling to your clients, attract new customers and get noticed! Education is key to your growing business!

RENT – A - KARG Education System can be designed to suit the needs of every salon!
From chain salons to one-on-one coaching or hosting events, PR stunts, shows, live demos or simply doing clients.

Education is the motor of our industry, let’s make sure we’ll keep it running! For more Information call 917-225-9696 or info@mikekarg.com


To all wig stylists, hair replacement/ second hair specialists and toupée stylists. 

Let Mike KARG show you his widely successful DryHairCutting techniques and the use of all different KARG Shears when working on wigs, second hair and toupées to sculpt the perfect blend and to make it look real!

Learn easy techniques on how to eliminate unnatural weight, adding layers or placing the perfect bangs, anything goes. KARG demonstrates how to use his successful texturizing, sculpting, thinner/blender, sliding and curved shears, „I’ve been cutting wigs for many years now“. Have KARG work with you and explain step by step on how it‘s done. Top knowledge and confidence is much required when cutting second hair - it won’t grow back!

One-on-one wig cutting training, wig cutting presentations for large groups or manufacturers are available - we can make anything happen. For more Information call 917-225-9696 or info@mikekarg.com