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KARG PERFECT Styling Wax with Shea Butter

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With Shea Butter + Essential Oil

GQ Magazine USA favorite Hairstylingproduct of the Year 2012!

--> Free Shipping when buying 2 (two) or more jars. 

What look is it designed to enhance or achieve?

It’s a crème feel like styling wax, very easy to use with a fresh, pleasant, light smell.
KARG PERFECT lasts forever, you only have to use the smallest amount. If you don’t like it, you have used too much.
Workable on towel dry or dry hair. Maximum hold on dry hair use a few times over and over. Perfect for freshly washed hair, it puts the grove back into the hair (you don’t end up looking like a Q-Tip) and its anti-static!!  Perfect for medium to fine(er) hair texture. It adds volume, it has a hold factor, but not with thinning hair, but want to get the most out of it!!
Also perfect for any men that like the chic look............a perfect product to add volume to long layers on ladies and all fashion forwarded looks. I could go on and on and on..............simply PERFECT!!

How does it work?

Take a small amount and spread it in your hand “all over" that's very important, then style hair as you desire. Rather use once or twice vs. too much product in your hands.

(KARG PERFECT orders for Salons + Day Spas:
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    KARG PERFECT Styling Wax with Shea Butter