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K-Lefty B-Slide 6"

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Lefty 23 tooth thinner/ blender shear with sliding technology for seamless, effortless blending at any angle and comb out with ZERO cutting lines. Weight removal about 15% - 25%, wet to dry cuts. 

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- Lefthanded 23 tooth thinner/ blender shear with Sliding Technology
- Cuts 15 - 25%, wet to dry cuts
- Blend hair at any angle, comb out with zero drag
- No cutting lines or notches within the section
- Japanese Proprietary Molybdenum, Special convex edge finish
- Cryogenic Tempering for max durability
- Polymer Glide at pivot no metal to metal wear
- K-Leaf Spring Tension System for perfect tension and balance
- Crane Offset Handle
- Lifetime warranty
- KARG Zipper Case

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K-Lefty B-Slide 6"