KARG Educator + Ambassador
Instagram @coiffure.zabeni

With his calm and technically extremely high style, he inspires hairstylists at seminars and shows, because for him quality is always the highest priority!

William is the 3rd generation owner of Coiffeur Salon Zabeni, Wädenswil in Switzerland. After various international stations in London, New York and Los Angeles, he has also worked at Prêt-à-Porter shows in Milan.
His clientele includes numerous Swiss celebrities, including the soccer players of the Swiss national team. Since 2001 he has been part of the Wella Artist Team as a freelance hairstylist.

He is part of the KARG Education Team in Switzerland and loves to educate and share her experience in seminars and on stage.

To find out more about William go to www.zabeni.com or follow him on Instagram @coiffure.zabeni