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NEW K-BSlide Reverse 6.5"

Product Description

A dream comes true – the first blending shear 6.5“ with 45 teeth reversible, Sliding Technology and ball bearing!

The reversible handle lets you easily turn the shear around, you can either have the cutting teeth on top OR on the bottom. The teeth are so fine, it cuts about 10% – no
worries on taking out too much hair, it doesn’t leave any cutting lines or demarcations. For detailing, blending, shear over comb, point cutting, simply any way you want...

• 45 teeth – cuts about 10% ➔ super soft blending
• Cutting teeth on top or bottom ➔ shear is reversible
• Allows you to blend-slide-cut in any angle with zero drag due to KARG Sliding
Technology, Wet to Dry Cuts
• Eliminates all cutting lines in seconds
• Handcrafted,Japanese Proprietary Molybdenum Alloy Steel, Cryogenic Tempering, „Special Edge finish“
• Ball bearing and K-Flat Tension System stabilizes the blades for perfect tension,
balance and performance
• PolymerGlide™ at Pivot area
• Reversible Handle
• Lifetime warranty, black KARG zipper case

MARCH SPECIAL available until 03.31.19, incl. free S&H and Lube

$409.00 $509.00

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